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Welcome to Ratware!

Latest Update - January 2003

A real long time between updates, sorry. I have had a very busy year last year from a personal point of view. I will not bore you with the details, lets just say that the web site had a low priority with every thing else that happened during last year...

This update is a major relocation and consolidation. We have moved to an ADSL connection, so we have moved the site and have a new domain name - www.ratware.org.uk - this will be the main name until we can get www.ratware.co.uk moved to the domain management company I have registered the ORG name with. The co.uk name was registered free with another ISP and is tied to it until I transfer it out. Also due to space limitations I had the site spread across two ISP accounts, now with the massive amount I have with the ADSL account, I have merged them!

Due to getting increasing amounts of SPAM, I have had to 'disguise' the email address a little to help stop SPAMmers automatically 'farming' the email address from the site, and put a warning - not that it will do much good!

Rats Pages - We have had several loses during last year, and two new comers, see the rat pages for the updates.

MYTH Pages - The long awaited Something MYTH Inc has at long last been realeased, my update about this is long overdue...

Animal Pages - I have added pictures from the trip to Sri Lanka, where we visited the elephant orphanage.



Update - February 2002

Hi Rat Fans, added a new section to the Ratabilia Pages - a page dedicated to the master himself, Roland Rat (and friends). Here you will find Reggie, Glenis, Errol & Kevin. Not to mention Roland in all his snazzy outfits!

I have restructured the Animal Pages and added the Big Cats Photos Page.


October 2001 Update

It's great 'ere 'innit - Reggie comes to Ratware. Rarer that Roland, cooler than Kevin, the little rascal has come to town! The one we have been trying to get for ages, now we have captured him and forced him into a life long contract with Ratware. He is now appearing on our legendary Ratabilia Pages (along with a few other updates).

Sadly we had to have Moose put to sleep on 20 August, she was with us 3 years 1 month and 9 days, our longest living rat - she out lived her children (Midge & Ben) and her grand children (Smudge & Junior). She will be sorely missed. More news on the Rat Pages.

The new MYTH book has finally been released - I have just read it twice, see the MYTH Page for more info.


August 2001 Update

Bad news to start with; Junior has passed on, I found him on the morning of Thursday 2 August. We have been expecting him to go soon, he was a lot thinner than his old self, his fur had paled, it had gone grey/white with age - he looked just like a 'little old man'. At least he is reunited with his close brother, whom passed on earlier in April.

Moose has well passed her official birthday (the day we got her) of 11 July, she is still great and lively in herself, although the lump in her leg is getting large. It is hindering her a little, but as I type this on Sunday morning, she is the only one up, digging around the food bowl for small seeds, sniffing about and trying to clean her bum! She is an amazing old girl.

Updated the Ratabilia Pages and the Ratty Fun Page.

No updates on the new MYTH book this time.

I have also added the amazing story and pictures of our UK tiger encounter to the Animals Pages.


Quick Update - 18 June 2001

Just got back from holiday in China, I am planning another decent update soon, but meanwhile there is a quick update again for the MYTH section - the excerpt and cover graphic for RLA's new MYTH book have been put up on Meisha Merlin's website. re-jiggled the MYTH page structure of the website to make it more neat.

It seems I have holidays more than I get to do proper site updates! - along with Thailand and the second Egypt section, I now have China to add to the Travel section! And more ratabilia from China to add to the Rat Pages. Moose has made her unofficial third birthday (2nd June), which we calculate as seven weeks before her litter was born (a week after we had her). That still leaves the Animal Pages, Emulation Pages and the yet to be started Fun Pages, one day...


Quick Update - 3 May 2001

A quick update due to receiving an email from Meisha Merlin, regarding RLA's MYTH series - see the MYTH Page for full details.

End April 2001

Very late April update. We have had several emails regarding Tutter (Ratabilia section), he seems very popular at the moment, so just for Tutter fans I have added another pic of a recently acquired soft toy, a large Tutter holding a 'security' blanket and a cat teddy bear (see Ratabilia Page, under Rats). Also I have several more additions to the Ratabilia Pages, and changed one or two pictures for clearer images.

Much has been happening with our rats - Moose has been having a bad time, Salem has had an op and sadly Smudge has passed on. Smudge (along with his brother) had won a first and a second prize on consecutive NFRS photo competitions, he was a very photogenic rat.

Nothing else to add, but I have been sorting my collection of animal photos - these will appear soon. I was also hoping to test my digital camera out at a few wildlife parks, but due to the foot & mouth outbreak, that will have to wait. It is very saddening to think of all those animals being slaughtered because of the foot & mouth outbreak.

No news on the MYTH front, we'll have to see if Meisha Merlin hold up their promises.. No news of another Phule book yet, either.

Oh, I also modified the Mexico section with standard links for the non-shockwave users.


March 2001

I have updated my Claranet account and I am now using it as an image repository to contain all the Travel and may be some of large pics. So far I have remodelled the Mexico section so that I could get the section live. Next I will have to redo the Egypt pictures and move them to the image repository, so the structure of the site is neat & tidy (at least from a design point of view!). So now the Mexico section is working!

Now been Sorted! - Oops, I have just found I can't upload 30% of the new Mexico images as I have run out of web space, so the Mexico stuff will be offline for a little while, until I find some space web space.

Travel Section - I have now added the Mexico, Yucatan Region to the Travel Section. I have included many high quality images of most of the best sites in the Yucatan peninsula.

This is the only update this time, as it has taken all my spare web time to do. I have several items to add to the Rat Pages (oh no, yet more ratabilia), some to the Animal Encounter Pages, and I must sort out the bits I have for the Emulation and other sections, soon.

Sadly with the F&M outbreak, it looks like all NFRS shows are being postponed until further notice.

I will try and have another update soon!


February 2001

Animal Section -Yet another section goes live! The animal section, our first addition is starting with tigers, one of our three favourite animals (being tigers, rats & pigs). Although I do like all big cats (and small cats!), thus this page will feature Jaguars, Leopards, Snow Leopards, Lynx and of course, more tigers.

Rats Pages - Only small additions.

MYTH Pages - No reply to the email I sent Meisha Merlin, although they have added a little to their page.

General - Updated all the pages link colours as they were pretty awful default colours!


January 2001- First update of the new year

Ratty New Year to all!

The first update of the new includes:-

General - Added / tags to new items/sections on pages.

Rats Sections - more ratty wallpapers to the Rat Fun Pages, a few more aditions to the Ratabilia Pages.

MYTH Section - Added another little snippet of info.


What Do We Have?

Rats Pages - these pages are dedicated to rats, it has/will have info on rats pointers to other info sources, pictures including nice wallpapers to download and hopefully some screen savers.

MYTH Pages - these pages are dedicated to Robert Lynn Asprin's MYTH series of books, some of his other works and maybe some other fantasy stuff.

Animals Pages - these pages will have interesting photos and info on animal encounters I have been lucky to have.

Travel Pages - these pages will be covered with photos from places I have been, such as