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Quick Update: 30 September 2000

Ooops - a few mistakes on 17-9-00 First Edition...

Missed out some text and incorrect details on running some demos! Please read the details in the download section again for correct details!

Also updated demo downloads to zip files.

Added a few Emulation links. A good one being Climatics Site - a great site for games, just found a copy of Obliterator, I have the original but only have been able to use it on my real ST, now I can play it on PacifiST (I found the mouse does not work on WinSTon 0.40).

Latest Update: 17 September 2000

At last a first incarnation of the page dedicated [mainly] to Atari Emulation and non-emulation, i.e. the real thing. My Atari system is still working, although the Third Coast 65MB hard disk has many clusters that have 'died'. I have tried to copy as much data and dev sources as I can, but I have lost a fair bit (no pun intended).

So what have I got for the first outing... I have a selection of STOS Demos - I have not seen many of these on any other sites. I have a few apps and a few tools.

First you may need an Emulator and ROMs - there are already many sites that deal with this. One of the best is The Little Green Desktop, skip over a little later and get yourself kitted out (if you have not done already!).

The Best emulators are:-

WinSTon - V0.4 has just been released, a very good emulator, probably the best now - and still being developed! The best way to play my favourites - Rick Dangerous & Nebulus!

Echo - Good emulator, runs many demos, although it is still meant to be in development, there has not been a release for quite a while.

Pacifist - The old favourite - not being developed any more, but still worth getting to plat some games and demos.

Note: The Better Than Life & Cyber Punk demos don't work on WinSTon V0.4, I think it may have something to do with them being 11 sector disks - I will have to investigate further...


STOS Demo Best Emulation Setup Notes
Misty PacifiST 0.48/0.49b - TOS V1.04 Don't use a hard disk setup & use 'pref on' for greater reliability - does crash sometimes, you can use WinSTon 0.4 but it is much less reliable. Great demo from Top Notch (ACO & WTF) - work OK apart from the 'full screen' in the intro. Written to show off the Misty STOS extension.
Retinal Burn WinSTon V0.4 - TOS V1.04 Demo from Asylum
Pure as Water WinSTon V0.4 - TOS V1.04 Demo from TRR.
Better Than Life PacifiST 0.48/0.49b - TOS 1.04 Don't use a hard disk setup & use 'pref on' for greater reliability, also you do need a joystick - I can't get the cursor key emulation working. Another demo from Top Notch. Be patient on starting demo, can be a bit of a wait.
Cyber Punk PacifiST 0.48/0.49b - TOS 1.04 Don't use a hard disk setup. Technically not the best, but one of my favourites for the humour.


And now the serious stuff, well a small bit. Here are some apps and tools to start with...


Tools/Applications Best Emulation Setup Notes
K Spread 2 WinSTon V0.2r2 TOS 2.06 As with some apps, this has a problem with emulated hard disks, though it seems to work OK with the said combination. You could try Gemulator, which is designed to run application as opposed to games, which WinSTon and most of the others were designed for. This is a spread sheet application that was given away on the cover disk of ST Format many years ago.
FR Disk PacifiST V0.49b TOS 1.62

FR Disk is a reset resident ramdisk, it was written by me many years ago and designed to use the special reset resident routine put in the Atari ST BIOS. As far as I am aware it is the only one to do so, I also believe it may be the only 'real' reset resident ramdisk that does not need anything to re-setup the ramdisk after a soft reset, i.e. a boot disk - it will quite happily be setup as C: and boot from the ramdisk itself. I know it was the first of it's kind, but I can't remember if anyone else did actually do one. I also noted that many 'reset resident' viruses were meant to work using this method, I have disassembled/tried several and no they did not, if You removed the boot disk they did not remain active after a soft reset.

Also please not the additional boot tool for AUTO folder setup does not seem to work with FR_DISK with any emulator setup I have tried. If You still have a real Atari ST - try it on that, even better if You have a hard disk.

Mega Depack II I only use it on a real Atari ST, try for yourself. Useful depacking tool. Should work OK on emulators.
MSA II Most setups.

The best disk archiver, great for converting disks from a real Atari ST over for Emulators.

Tip: Use a ramdisk to archive to, FR Disk is the best of course, and archive big disks in two parts. i.e. tracks 0-40 and 41-82 etc., and then reassemble on the Emulator, great for converting 900K+ demos, now only if I can get them to work on WinSTon



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