Animal Encounters

Latest Update - February 2003

Added the Elephant Encounters Page, our first story on the page is about our trip to Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage in Sri Lanka, last year. Our elephant trekking experience in Thailand will be added at a later date.


Update - February 2002

Done some restructuring.


Update - August 2001

Finally added our awesome UK tiger encounter story and pictures, see below.


Update - February 2001

Welcome to the Animal Encounters page -This is the first edition, starting with an animal encounter! The story and pictures of our visit to Thailand during 1998 (the pictures of all the temples will feature on the Travel Page, one day). Here we were lucky enough to have contact with a young tiger cub, see below the Animal Pages for the Animal Encounter stories.



The Animal Encounter Pages


First up is our Tiger Encounter Page, here is our stories of direct contact with tigers!


Here is the Big Cats Photos. You will find my best selection of big cats photos. Most are sized for easy use as windows wallpaper.

Here is out Elephant Encounter Page, here is out stories and pictures of our Elephant Encounters!  



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